Ava W h o ?


    The most important thing ABOUT me?… My aesthetic sense.
People are born with different gifts, passions and talents… mine has always been my aesthetic sense; the innate capacity of seeing and creating beauty.
Eversince my childhood it’s been an everyday exigencie to me, vital just like breathing.
In my everyday life, I divide myself between my work as a personal stylist & personal shopper, my sculptural paintings and also the passion of what I call “the phenomenal goodnesses of life”: design, arts, photography.
When I discovered the blogosphere, it was like an instant enlightement moment that one has in his life and suddenly, I found myself wishing to have my little spot in it. Finally I could express myself, share my creativity, my dreams, my art, all my passion for fashion, traveling and future projects, all in one place. An inside view of this madly, endlessly hungered aesthetic mind that can’t wait to be unleashed.

The perfect way to do all this was…
…to start a blog!