• Wednesday, April 17th, 2013








Photo by Patricia Imbarus

( Sportmax fur cape coat,  Max & Co white shirt,  Le Silla long sleeved gloves,
Zara pants,  Nando Muzi heels,  Borsalino hat ) 


        Tadaaa... Here it comes! My first blog post!!! Who would have ever thought the day will finally come!!?!..
So, I will quickly break the ice for you guys, before i get too emotional about this, because it’s been a long ride for me to get here!
The day started like this: Wake Up Call-Destination Milan.
The wheather didn’t help at all: rain and cold joined hands like a pair of maniacal twins and followed us everywhere we went.  I met Patricia Imbarus, the talented photographer who did all the shooting for the blog in Milan with this occasion!  So, guided by her, we started our search of this ghost city named Consonno, an abandoned place near Lake Como (what a view guys!! breathtaking!! I told myself I had to do a shooting there next time I drop by).

We arrived just in time for the sunset (Damn!), so the light was a no-no situation we had to deal with. Goodbye light, hello cold freezing wheather!

Hope you guys enjoy the blackness just as much as I did (kept me warm hihii)!!

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  • Adriana Mosha

    Scrii foarte frumos si ai un stil aparte… Foarte feminin si artistic, ceea ce cu siguranta te va deosebi de restul fashion-bloggeritelor. Mult succes, caci sunt sigura ca vei ajunge departe

    • andreeavasile

      Inviato da HTC

  • Alexis Cristianne

    Fantastic!! I just love the look Ana!! Your style is impeccable, with such understated grandeur.

  • kanako shimada

    Congratulations beautiful Ana! I’m so glad to see your wonderful blog! Very classic black outfit. I love your style very much!

  • Virginia

    I love the style !

  • Paprika imi vine in cap decat un singur cuvant…care le spune pe toate : VOGUE!

  • Andreea Vasile

    Hi! I check my spelling every time I write on my blog. Would you write me down for example something that you think it’s written badly?
    Thank you for visiting!

  • Andreea Vasile

    Thank You about The “decent”part. Very nice of you to stop by!