• Thursday, April 18th, 2013





Photo by: Patricia Imbarus

( Vintage fox fur coat,  MiuMiu suit, Chloè bag ) 

      After a long full rainy day I picked this vintage fox fur coat and mix it with a suit and got the hell out of my hotel room before my bed started whispering everything alluring to me !!

     I must say I love how asexual this outfit is, buttoned and covered all the way up. I have to confess I fell in love with this Miu Miu suit the  moment I saw it!

    It has a great sartorial cut and and an amazing fabric, like almost everything this brand did -does-will ever do!

The final touch …one of my favourite Chloè bags because it was my first Chloè bag ever, and even in this case a ” love at first sight” story. Just immagine that I stared at the window shop almost everytime I passed on the street where this shop was for two months ! 
      Hope you’ll like it !


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