Dolce far Niente

  • Wednesday, August 21st, 2013


 Photo by: Lelia Scarfiotti

       All this progress should allow us to save energy, avoid stress, work much less and enjoy our free time with greater serenity. Family, school, companies, unanimously conspire to incite to work by praising the hard work and blaming idleness. I feel there’s a growing need to redeem the free time from the depressing boredom and foolish consumism in all of us, transforming it into the refined art of creative idleness.

The main condition of this transformation is the choice of the places that are able to accomodate it. On the top of isolated hills, where one can plant vineyards and meditate….this is precisely the reason why some of us have the inspiration that common people are unnable to feel: the desire of the poet who longs for solitude, rocks and clouds; the trasport of the gourmet for delicious food; the creative joy of an artist…all things I identify myself with.

       Idleness,  therefore can be elevated to art only in the right isolation and in the healthy relationship between pleasures of the spirit and pleasures of the body.

  Italy is generously full of these marvelous places that have the magic requierd to sublimate idleness, tranforming it into a moment of grace, to remember, dream and create….. and this is one of them

 ….. these are the hills of Siena ….. Enjoy!

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