• Tuesday, May 21st, 2013




 Back on track with an awesome project ! A great team of professionals I had the pleasure to work with in Siena! Everything started with the phonecall of Daniela Delia who gave birth to this project, asking me to be a part of it ; a talented photographer : Lelia Scarfiotti, who’s photography is poetry to me; the amazing selection of outfits, courtesy of Antonella Gonnelli‘s glamourous IT-shop in Siena, Mag Boutique (here it is!)

 The location of the shooting was a huge factory in Bozzani,Siena. I wear this amazing  sleevless trench coat by Dusan, a luxury brand who’s precise tailoring and luxurious fabric hit me the moment I saw it!  As you may already know by now (…or not!!) I adore sharp tailoring .  Dusan is  particularily known for its fabrics, a fundamental feature, and for the accurate choice of precious fabrics selected only from italian and japanese manufacturers.  Saks Fifth Avenue; Janet Brown in N.Y.; Isetan in Tokyo and Browns in London are just a few of the top-notch stores selling his line ….even Mag Boutique in Siena has it,ready for you!!! 


              Dusan sleevless trench coat▪️Bottega Veneta platforms▪️ Soho de Luxe  bracelets

                                                                   ▪️Paula  Cademartori bag

Photo By : Lelia Scarfiotti 

Make Up : Daniela Delia 

Outfits:MAG Boutique

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