• Friday, April 19th, 2013








Photo by: Patricia Imbarus

( Max Mara camel coat, Current Elliott denim shirt, Miu Miu wool pants, H&M bracelets)


Hello,to you!… Is there anyone in here!? I am for sure!
The thing about this day was…is it raining again?!?!...but but…shouldn’t all be spring-ed up by now?!!?
I guess we’ll have to wait for that, no chance of sunny weather in Italy for now !?
We dried out the tears and went out to get the job done, just like brave soldiers. Us against the wind and the rain, right Patricia? Yes, we did !
I picked this outfit here, because I really have an obsession for this camel coat and the way it mixes so well with the denim shirt and wool pants. Two of them: Max Mara and Miu Miu ; are brands I use often because of their exquisite fabrics and their sartorial cut.  Lots of designers chose to mix camel and denim in the past years and I have to say I love the ideea and it’s been on my “ToWear” List ever since it came out.
Lucky you!…You can watch the post without being rained“on”!



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